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Second Bath Revamp

September 19, 2014

The Hubs and I are taking on projects one at a time and spread out so that we can remain debt free while still making investments in our home. To date, we have completed the painting of the outside of the house, the painting of the inside main floor and upstairs hallway, a kitchen renovation, our daughters bedroom makeover, our master bedroom makeover, our stairway revamp, our front landscaping makeover, and now the second bath revamp.

Note: In my terms, a “revamp” consists of mostly paint and accessories. A “makeover” consists of hard labor, building something, or making structural adjustments.

We are at a point now, where several happenings in our lives are taking up some of the project budget (things such as family photos, commissioning a local artist to draw portraits of myself and my daughter Emma), so I’m trying to keep the bathroom at “revamp” status even though I’d like to do a full “makeover.”

Would you like to see some icky before photos? Of course you would! Don’t mind the “every day life” in these photos. I really like to show a realistic before photo so you can see storage issues and the need for storage organization. Note also that everything other than toiletries in the bathroom is original to the previous homeowners. Enjoy!







OK, so it’s not terrible, but it’s pretty dated and not at all my style. Overall, this bathroom is pretty standard in design for a second bath. The problems I see with it other than a dated style are as follows:

  • Lighting: Lighting in general is of huge importance in design. Bathroom lighting is crucial. Listen, when looking at yourself in the mirror, do you want to see shadows casting down over your face making your aging body look even older? I THINK NOT. When placing a light over a mirror, that’s the affect your are getting. Rather you should place your lights on either side of your mirror (if your space allows for it) so as to cast and even light across your face. Ladies, this kind of lighting is helpful when applying your makeup as well!
  • Oversized Mirror: I think that the contractors had good intent when installing a larger mirror over the sink. I completely see why they did that. However, mirrors have different purposes in different places of the home. This is more opinion then scientific fact, but to me, mirrors over the sink are for makeup, shaving, and hair styling. Not for viewing your outfit. Most bathrooms don’t have the space to back up far enough to see the outfit in its entirety anyway. Invest in a tall dressing mirror so you can see yourself head to toe. ANYWAY, this mirror is off scale and off balance in this bathroom and makes this room feel generic and ill thought out.
  • Storage: A second bath usually has two or more individuals using the space. There is a sever lack of storage here that I’ll have to figure out how to add. Keep in mind that it’s not always a lack of storage, but a lack of storage usability (or organization within storage) that is the issue.

With those issues as part of my focus, I’ll also be focusing on style. Stay tuned to the progress and be looking for wainscoting, wall sconces, and a wall treatment designed by myself (wish me luck!).





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